Displaying Stained Glass

Displaying Stained Glass Image

The Ultimate Book On
Displaying Stained Glass

  • Covers every topic from restoring your panel to the final install
  • Decide the best way to approach your project
  • Tells you what not to do to save you time and protect your stained glass
  • Conservation friendly methods of supporting and lighting the panel
  • How to turn a sad, dark and fragile object into a glorious feature display

Neil covers all the options available including conservation friendly methods of supporting and lighting the panel – turning a sad, dark and fragile object into a glorious feature display you can enjoy and feel proud of.

© 2019 Picture the Light – Neil Wilton

If you have a treasured stained glass panel that no longer has a window home, this book is for you.

Neil has made and commissioned numerous stained glass panels and windows over many years, which has given him invaluable first-hand knowledge and understanding of the complexity and requirements needed to do this difficult job well.

Each stained glass project and installation undoubtedly present new challenges, yet in every case Neil has managed to produce splendid displays, which are always sensitive to the conservation requirements of this fragile medium.

Nick Teed ACR, Conservation Manager, York Glaziers Trust


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    Displaying stained glass can be challenging. As a stained glass conservator, the priority is ensuring the safety of the stained glass itself. Neil, an experienced stained glass artist and specialist engineer, works to the same exacting principles.

    Sherrie Eatman

    Head Stained Glass Conservator, Victoria & Albert Museum

    Neil worked his magic on a treasured old window, His team restored, revitalised and reframed it. It is now the centrepiece display in our new living room – absolute genius!

    Tamara Feldman

    Family home, London

    This should appeal to interior designers and architects alike, who will find inspiration in Neil’s work. Neil is as passionate about reviving interest in the magnificent art of stained glass as he is about finding the solutions necessary to display it well, for which he is to be heartily commended.

    Nick Teed

    Conservation Manager, York Glaziers Trust